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Zagat, Arthur Leo   (1895-1949)

        Children of Tomorrow

        Lanson Screen, The

        Seven Out of Time


Zangwill, Israel (1864-1926)

        Big Bow Mystery, The

        Children of the Ghetto--A Study of a Peculiar People

        Chosen Peoples

        Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes, The

        Melting-Pot, The

        Merely Mary Ann

        Without Prejudice

Zitkala-Sa  (1876-1938)

        American Indian Stories

        Old Indian Legends

Zola, Emile  (1840-1902)   爱弥尔·左拉

        Abbe Mouret's Transgression


        Captain Burle   《布尔勒上尉》

        Death of Olivier Becaille, The   《奥利维埃·贝卡伊之死》

        Doctor Pascal

        Downfall, The

        Dream, The

        Fat and the Thin, The

        Fete At Coqueville, The

        Flood, The

        Fortune of the Rougons, The



        His Masterpiece

        Love Episode, A

        Miller's Daughter, The   《磨坊主的女儿》

        Nana   《娜娜》  

        Theresa Raquin

        Three Cities Trilogy, The

                Lourdes      Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3    Volume 4    Volume 5

                Paris           Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3    Volume 4    Volume 5

                Rome          Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3    Volume 4    Volume 5

Zollinger, Gulielma   (1856–1917)

        Boy's Ride, A

        Widow O'Callaghan's Boys, The

Zschokke, Heinrich (1771-1848)

        Bravo of Venice, The

        Broken Cup, The

Zweig, Stefan (1881-1942)   斯蒂芬·茨威格

        Émile Verhaeren

        Paul Verlaine

        Romain Rolland    The Man and His Work      《罗曼·罗兰传》








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