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Yeats, W. B. (William Butler) (1865-1939)    威廉 · B · 叶芝

        Celtic Twilight, The

        Collected Poems   《叶芝诗集》  

        Countess Cathleen, The

        Four Years

        Hour Glass, The  《时漏》

        Land of Heart's Desire, The   《理想的国土》

        Michael Robartes and The Dancer

        Rosa Alchemica

        Secret Rose, The

        Stories of Red Hanrahan

        Synge and the Ireland of His Time

        Tower, The

        Wild Swans at Coole, The

Yonge, Charles Duke (1812-1891)

        Constitutional History of England from 1760 to 1860, The

        Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, The

Yonge, Charlotte Mary (1823-1901)


        Armourer's Prentices, The

        Beechcroft at Rockstone

        Book of Golden Deeds, A

        Caged Lion, The

        Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II

        Chantry House

        Chaplet of Pearls, The

        Clever Woman of the Family, The

        Countess Kate

        Daisy Chain, The    or Aspirations

        Dove in the Eagle's Nest, The

        Dynevor Terrace, or, the clue of life        Volume 1        Volume 2

        Friarswood Post Office

        Grisly Grisell

        Heartsease or Brother's Wife

        Heir of Redclyffe, The      《瑞德克利夫的继承人》

        Henrietta's Wish, or, Domineering: a Tale

        Herd Boy and His Hermit, The

        History of France

        John Keble's Parishes

        Lady Hester, or, Ursula's Narrative

        Lances of Lynwood, The

        Life of John Coleridge Patteson : Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands

        Little Duke, The

        Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe

        Long Vacation, The

        Love and Life

        Magnum Bonum

        Modern Broods

        Modern Telemachus, A

        More Bywords

        My Young Alcides

        Nuttie's Father

        Pigeon Pie, The

        Prince and the Page, The

        Reputed Changeling, A

        Scenes and Characters

        Stokesley Secret, The

        Stray Pearls

        Three Brides, The

        Trial, The

        Two Guardians, The  or, Home in This World

        Two Penniless Princesses

        Two Sides of the Shield, The

        Under the Storm

        Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland

        Young Folks' History of England

        Young Folks' History of Rome

        Young Step-Mother, The

Young, Arthur  (1741-1820)

        Tour in Ireland, 1776-1779, A

Young, Egerton Ryerson  (1840-1909)

        Algonquin Indian Tales

        By Canoe and Dog Train

        Duck Lake

        On the Indian Trail

        Oowikapun, How the Gospel Reached the Nelson River Indians

        Three Boys in the Wild North Land

        Winter Adventures of Three Boys

Young, Emily Hilda (1880-1949)

        Misses Mallett, The

        Moor Fires

Young, Filson (1876-1938)

        Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery

                Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3      Volume 4      Volume 5

                Volume 6      Volume 7      Volume 8

        Relief of Mafeking, The

Young, Francis Brett  (1884-1954)

        Tragic Bride, The

Young, Frederick   (1817-1913)

        Winter Tour in South Africa, A

Young, Rose Emmet  (1869-1941)

        Sally of Missouri

Younger, Cole  (1844-1916)

        Story of Cole Younger, by Himself, The

Younghusband, G. J.   (1859-1944)

        Story of the Guides, The








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