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Wagner, Richard  (1813-1883)

        Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt        Volume One      Volume Two

        My Life          Volume One        Volume Two

Wairy, Louis Constant  (1778-1845)

        Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, The

Walcott, Earle Ashley   (1859-1931)


Wall, Dorothy   (1894-1942)

        Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill, The

Wallace, Alfred Russell  (1823-1913)

        Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection   A Series of Essays


        Is Mars Habitable?

        Malay Archipelago, The          Volume One        Volume Two

Wallace, Dillon  (1863-1939)

        Bobby of the Labrador

        Left on the Labrador   A Tale of Adventure Down North

        Long Labrador Trail, The

        Lure of the Labrador Wild, The

        Story of Grenfell of the Labrador, The

        Troop One of the Labrador

        Ungava Bob   A Winter's Tale

Wallace, Donald Mackenzie  (1841-1919)   唐纳德·麦肯齐·华莱士

        Russia   《俄罗斯》

Wallace, Edgar  (1875-1932)

        Again Sanders

        Again the Three

        Angel of Terror, The

        Avenger, The

        Blue Hand

        Bones: Being Further Adventures in Mr. Commissioner Sanders' Country

        Book of All-Power, The

        Brigand, The

        Clue of the New Pin, The

        Clue of the Silver Key, The

        Clue of the Twisted Candle, The

        Coat of Arms, The

        Council of Justice, The

        Crimson Circle, The

        Daffodil Mystery, The

        Door with Seven Locks, The

        Duke in the Suburbs, The

        Face in the Night, The

        Flying Squad, The

        Forger, The

        Four Just Men

        Ghost Walker, The

        Greek Poropulos, The

        Green Rust, The

        Guv'nor, The

        Jack O' Judgment

        Joker, The

        Just Men Of Cordova, The

        Keepers of the King's Peace, The

        Law of the Four Just Men, The

        Lone House Mystery and Other Stories, The

        Man at the Carlton, The

        Man who Bought London, The

        Man Who Knew, The

        Man Who Passed, The

        Mind of Mr J. G. Reeder, The

        Mr J. G. Reeder Returns

        Mr Justice Maxell

        On the Spot

        People of the River, The

        Planetoid 127

        Red Aces

        Room 13


        Secret House, The

        Sinister Man, The

        Square Emerald, The

        Tam O' The Scoots

        Terror Keep

        Three Just Men, The

        Valley of Ghosts, The

        White Face

        Yellow Snake, The

Wallace, Lewis  (1827-1905)

        Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ  

        Prince of India   or Why Constantinople Fell        Volume01        Volume02

Walpole, Horace  (1717-1797)   霍勒斯·沃波尔

        Castle of Otranto, The   《奥托兰图堡》

        Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third

Walpole, Hugh  (1884-1941)

        Above the Dark Tumult: An Adventure

        Blind Man's House, The

        Bright Pavilions, The

        Captain Nicholas

        Captives, The

        Cathedral, The

        Dark Forest, The

        Duchess of Wrexe, The


        Fortress, The

        Golden Scarecrow, The

        Hans Frost

        Harmer John

        Inquisitor, The


        Jeremy and Hamlet

        Jeremy at Crale

        Joyful Delaneys, The

        Judith Paris

        Katherine Christian

        Killer and the Slain, The

        Major Wilbraham

        Old Ladies, The

        Portrait of a Man with Red Hair

        Prayer for my Son, A

        Prelude to Adventure, The

        Rogue Herries

        Secret City, The



        Wooden Horse, The

Walsh, James Morgan   (1897-1952)

        Vandals of the Void

Walton, Amy  (ca.1845-1925)

        Black, White and Gray   A Story of Three Homes

        Christie, the King's Servant

        Christie's Old Organ   or, "Home, Sweet Home"

        Hawthorns, The   A Story about Children

        King's Cup-Bearer, The

        Kitchen Cat and Other Stories, The

        Our Frank  and other stories

        Pair of Clogs, A

        Peep Behind the Scenes, A

        Penelope and the Others   Story of Five Country Children

        Saved at Sea   A Lighthouse Story

        Susan   A Story for Children

        Thistle and Rose   A Story for Girls

        White Lilac; or the Queen of the May  

Walton, Izaak  (1593-1683)

        Compleat Angler, The         《垂钓大全》

Ward, Adolphus William  (1837-1924)


Ward, Humphry, Mrs.  (1851-1920)

        Bessie Costrell

        Case of Richard Meynell, The

        Coryston Family, The

        Delia Blanchflower


        Elizabeth's Campaign

        Fenwick's Career

        Fields of Victory

        Great Success, A


        Helbeck of Bannisdale        Volume One      Volume Two


        History of David Grieve, The

        Lady Connie

        Lady Merton, Colonist

        Lady Rose's Daughter


        Marriage a la mode

        Marriage of William Ashe, The

        Mating of Lydia, The

        Milly and Olly

        Miss Bretherton


        Robert Elsmere

        Sir George Tressady        Volume One        Volume Two

        Story of Bessie Costrell, The

        Testing of Diana Mallory, The

        Towards The Goal

        War on All Fronts: England's Effort, The   Letters to an American Friend

        Writer's Recollections, A        Volume One        Volume Two

Warner, Anna Bartlett  (1824-1915)

        Carpenter's Daughter, The

        Tired Church Members

        Wych Hazel

Warner, Anne  (1869-1913)

        Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The

        Susan Clegg and a Man in the House

        Susan Clegg and Her Friend Mrs. Lathrop

        Susan Clegg and Her Neighbors' Affairs

Warner, Charles Dudley  (1829-1900)

        Entire Works of Charles Dudley Warner, The

Warner, Susan  [pseud. Elizabeth Wetherell] (1819-1885)


        Daisy in the Field

        Hills of the Shatemuc

        Melbourne House        Volume One        Volume Two


        Wide, Wide World, The

Warren, Samuel   (1807-1877)

        Resurrectionist, The

        Spectre-Smitten, The

Warung, Price   (1855-1911)

        Half Crown Bob and Tales of the Riverine

        Tales of the Early Days

Washington, Booker T.  (1856-1915)

        Up from Slavery : An Autobiography

Waterloo, Stanley  (1846-1913)

        Christmas 200000 BC

        Man and a Woman, A

        Story of Ab, The   A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man

        Ulm, An

        Wolf's Long Howl, The

Waterlow, Sydney Philip Perigal  (1878-1944)


Watterson, Henry  (1840-1921)

        Marse Henry   An Autobiography

Webb, Beatrice    (1858-1943)

        My Apprenticeship          Volume One        Volume Two

Webb, Mary   (1881-1927)

        Gone to Earth

Webster, Henry Kitchell  (1875-1932)

        Calumet "K"

        Mary Wollaston

        Real Adventure, The

Webster, Jean  (1876-1916)


        Dear Enemy

        Four Pools Mystery, The


        Jerry Junior

        Just Patty

        When Patty Went to College

Weekley, Ernest  (1865-1954)

        Romance of Names, The

        Romance of Words, The

Weems, M. L.   (1759-1825)   M·L·威姆斯

        Life of General Francis Marion, The   《马里恩将军传》

Weinbaum, Stanley Grauman  (1902-1935)

        Adaptive Ultimate, The

        Brink of Infinity, The

        Circle of Zero, The

        Dawn of Flame

        Ideal, The

        Lotus Eaters, The

        Mad Moon, The

        Martian Odyssey, A

        Parasite Planet

        Point of View, The

        Proteus Island

        Pygmalion's Spectacles

        Redemption Cairn

        Shifting Seas

        Tidal Moon

        Valley of Dreams

        Worlds of If, The

Wells, Carolyn  (1862-1942)

        Children of Our Town

        Gold Bag, The

        Jingle Book, The

        Marjorie at Seacote

        Marjorie's Busy Days

        Marjorie's Maytime

        Marjorie's New Friend

        Marjorie's Vacation

        Nonsense Anthology, A

        Patty and Azalea

        Patty at Home

        Patty Blossom

        Patty Fairfield

        Patty in Paris

        Patty's Butterfly Days

        Patty's Friends

        Patty's Social Season

        Patty's Success

        Patty's Suitors

        Patty's Summer Days

        Phenomenal Fauna, A

        Ptomaine Street

        Raspberry Jam

        Re-echo Club, The

        Technique of the Mystery Story, The

        Two Little Women on a Holiday

        Vicky Van

Wells, H. G. [ Herbert George] (1866-1946)   赫伯特·乔治·威尔斯

        Adventures of Tommy, The

        Ann Veronica   《安·维罗尼卡》

        Anticipations   Of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress

        Autocracy of Mr. Parham, The

        Certain Personal Matters

        Chronic Argonauts, The

        Country of the Blind And Other Stories, The

        Croquet Player, The

        Door in the Wall and Other Stories, The   《墙中之门及其他故事》

        Englishman Looks at the World, An

        First and Last Things

        First Horseman, The

        First Men in the Moon, The  

        Floor Games   a companion volume to "Little Wars"

        Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth, The

        God the Invisible King   《上帝--无形的国王》

        Grisly Folk, The

        History of Mr. Polly, The

        Holy Terror, The

        In the Days of the Comet

        In The Fourth Year   Anticipations of a World Peace

        Invisible Man, The   《隐身人》

        Island of Doctor Moreau, The   《莫洛医生的岛屿》 


        Little Wars

        Love and Mr. Lewisham

        Mankind in the Making

        Men Like Gods

        Modern Utopia, A

        Mr Belloc Objects to "The Outline of History"

        Mr. Britling Sees It Through

        New World Order, The

        New Machiavelli, The

        Pearl of Love, The

        Queer Story of Brownlow's Newspaper, The

        Red Room, The

        Reign of Uya the Lion, The

        Research Magnificent, The

        Secret Places of the Heart

        Short Stories of H. G. Wells, The

        Sleeper Awakes, The   A Revised Edition of When the Sleeper Wakes

        Soul of A Bishop   《主教的灵魂》


        Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, The

        Time Machine, The   《时间机器》

        Tono Bungay   《托诺·邦盖》

        Twelve Stories and a Dream

        War and the Future : Italy, France and Britain at War

        War in the Air, The   《空中战争》

        War of the Worlds, The   《星际战争》 

        What are we to do with our lives?

        What is Coming?

        Wheels of Chance, The   《命运之轮》 

        When the Sleeper Wakes   《睡眠者醒来时》 

        Wild Asses of the Devil, The

        World Set Free, The   《世界获释》

Wells, Thomas E.   (1782-1833)

        Michael Howe--The Last and Worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dieman's Land

West, Nathaniel  (1903-1940)  纳撒尼尔·韦斯特

        Cool Million, A    or, The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin      《难圆发财梦》

        Day of the Locust, The      《蝗灾的日子》

        Dream Life of Balso Snell, The      《鲍尔索·斯奈尔的梦幻生活》

        Miss Lonelyhearts      《孤心小姐》

West, Rebecca

        Return of the Soldier, The

Weyman, Stanley John  (1855-1928)

        Castle Inn, The

        Count Hannibal   A Romance of the Court of France

        From the Memoirs of a Minister of France

        Gentleman of France, A

        House of the Wolf, The

        Long Night, The

        Under the Red Robe

Wharton, Edith  (1862-1937)   伊迪丝·华顿

        Age of Innocence, The   《天真时代》  

        Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verses

        Autres Temps...

        Backward Glance, A      《回首》

        Bunner Sisters   《邦纳姐妹》

        Certain People

                After Holbein


                Bottle of Perrier, A

                Dieu D'Amour

                Mr. Jones

                Refugees, The

        Children, The

        Choice, The

        Coming Home

        Crucial Instances

        Custom of the Country, The      《国家的习俗》

        Descent of Man and Other Stories, The

        Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton, The   《伊迪丝·华顿早期短篇小说选》

                Part One        Part Two

        Ethan Frome      《伊坦·弗洛美》

        False Dawn (The 'Forties)

        Fighting France

        Fruit of the Tree, The

        Glimpses of the Moon, The   《望月》

        Gods Arrive, The

        Greater Inclination, The

        Here and Beyond

        Hermit And The Wild Woman, The

        House of Mirth   《欢乐之家》

        Hudson River Bracketed

        In Morocco


        Long Run, The

        Madame de Treymes

        Mother's Recompense, The

        New Year'S Day (The 'Seventies)

        Old Maid, The (The 'Fifties)

        Reef, The   《暗礁》


        Spark, The (The 'Sixties)

        Summer   《夏天》

        Tales Of Men And Ghosts

        Touchstone, The   《试金石》

        Triumph Of Night, The

        Twilight Sleep

        Valley Of Decision, The      《决定之谷》


Wheatley, Phillis  (1753-1784)

        Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral

Wheeler, Edward L.   (1854-1885)

        Deadwood Dick's Doom

Whewell, William  (1794-1866)

        Six Lectures on Political Economy

Whibley, Charles  (1859-1930)

        Book of Scoundrels, A

Whipple, Wayne  (1856-1942)

        Radio Boys Cronies

        Radio Boys Loyalty   Bill Brown Listens In

        Story of Young Abraham Lincoln, The

Whistler, Charles Watts  (1856-1913)

        Havelok The Dane   A Legend of Old Grimsby and Lincoln

        King Alfred's Viking   A Story of the First English Fleet

        King Olaf's Kinsman   A Story of the Last Saxon Struggle against the Danes

        King's Comrade, A   A Story of Old Hereford

        Prince of Cornwall, A

        Sea Queen's Sailing, A

        Thane of Wessex, A

        Wulfric the Weapon Thane

White, Andrew Dickson  (1832-1918)   阿德鲁·迪克森·怀特

        Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White      《阿德鲁·迪克森·怀特自传》

                Volume One        Volume Two     

        Fiat Money Inflation in France

        History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom 


White, Edward Lucas   (1866-1934)


White, Ethel Lina   (1887-1944)

        Spiral Staircase, The    

White, Fred M.

        Mystery of the Four Fingers, The

White, Gilbert  (1720-1793)

        Natural History of Selborne, The

White, Grace Miller   (1868-1957)

        From the Valley of the Missing

        Secret of the Storm Country, The

        Tess of the Storm Country

White, Stewart Edward   (1873-1946)   斯图亚特·爱德华·怀特 

        Across the Unknown

        Adventures of Bobby Orde, The

        African Camp Fires

        Arizona Nights   《亚利桑那之夜》

        Betty Book, The

        Blazed Trail, The

        Call of the North, The

        Claim Jumpers, The

        Conjuror's House   A Romance of the Free Forest

        Forest, The

        Forty-Niners, The   A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado

        Gray Dawn, The

        Killer, The

        Land of Footprints, The   《布满足迹的土地》

        Leopard Woman, The

        Mountains, The

        Mystery, The

        Riverman, The

        Road I Know, The

        Rules of the Game, The

        Sign at Six, The

        Silent Places, The

        Stars Are Still There, The

        Unobstructed Universe, The

        With Folded Wings

White, Trumbull  (1868-1941)

        Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror

        Our War With Spain For Cuba's Freedom

White, William Allen  (1868-1944)

        Certain Rich Man, A

        Court of Boyville, The

        In Our Town

        Martial Adventures of Henry and Me, The

Whitechurch, Victor L.   (1868-1933)

        Affair of the Corridor Express, The

        Warning In Red, A

Whitehead, Alfred North   (1861-1947)

        Concept of Nature, The

Whitelaw, David

        Princess Galva, The

Whitman, Walt  (1819-1892)   瓦尔特·惠特曼

        Complete Prose Works

        Drum Taps   《桴鼓集》

        Leaves of Grass   《草叶集》

        Poems By Walt Whitman

        Specimen Days   《典型日子》

Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train  (1824-1906)

        Faith Gartney's Girlhood

        Other Girls, The

        Real Folks

        Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life, A

        We Girls: A Home Story

Whittier, John Greenleaf  (1807-1892)   约翰·格林里夫·惠蒂埃

        Boy Captives, The   《被俘的少年》

        Haunted House, The

        Snow-Bound:A Winter Idyl     《大雪封门》

        Yankee Gypsies   《美国吉普赛人》

Whyte, Alexander  (1836-1921)

        Bunyan Characters        1st Series        2nd Series        3rd Series

Wieser, Friedrich  (1851-1926)   弗里德里克·维塞尔

        Natural Value   《自然价值论》

Wiggin, Kate Douglas  (1856-1923)   凯特·道格拉斯·威金(威金夫人)

        Birds' Christmas Carol, The


        Cathedral Courtship, A   《教堂的求婚》

        Children's Rights and Others

        Diary of a Goose Girl, The

        Fairy Ring, The

        Flag-Raising, The

        Girl and the Kingdom, The   Learning to Teach

        Homespun Tales

        Marm Lisa

        Mother Carey's Chickens

        New Chronicles of Rebecca   《吕贝卡的新年历》

        Old Peabody Pew, The

        Penelope's English Experiences   《佩内洛普在英国的经历》

        Penelope's Experiences in Scotland   《佩内洛普在苏格兰的经历》

        Penelope's Irish Experiences   《佩内洛普在爱尔兰的经历》

        Penelope's Postscripts

        Polly Oliver's Problem

        Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm   《松尼布鲁克农场的丽贝卡》

        Romance of a Christmas Card, The

        Rose O' the River

        Story Hour, The

        Story of Patsy, The

        Story Of Waitstill Baxter, The

        Summer in a Canyon, A    A California Story

        Timothy's Quest   A Story for Anybody, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read It

        Village Stradivarius, A

        Village Watch-Tower, The

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler  (1850-1919)

        Ambitious Man, An

        Custer, and Other Poems

        Englishman and Other Poems, The

        Hello, Boys!

        Kingdom of Love and Other Poems, The

        Maurine and Other Poems

        New Thought Pastels

        Poems of Cheer

        Poems of Experience

        Poems of Optimism

        Poems of Passion

        Poems of Power

        Poems of Progress

        Poems of Purpose

        Poems of Sentiment

        Woman of the World, A   Her Counsel to Other People's Sons and Daughters


Wilde, Oscar  (1854-1900)   奥斯卡·王尔德

        Ballad of Reading Gaol, The

        Canterville Ghost, The

        Charmides and Other Poems   《节俭及其他》

        De Profundis

        Duchess of Padua, The   《帕杜亚的女公爵》

        Essays and Lectures   《论文与演讲》

        For Love of the King   a Burmese Masque

        Happy Prince and Other Tales, The   《快乐王子及其它故事》

        House of Pomegranates, A   《石榴房子》

        Ideal Husband, An   《理想丈夫》

        Importance of Being Earnest, The   《认真的重要》

        Intentions   《意图》

        Lady Windermere's Fan   《少奶奶的扇子》

        Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories  



        Picture of Dorian Gray, The   《道林·格雷的肖像》


        Selected Poems of Oscar Wilde

        Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde

        Shorter Prose Pieces

        Soul of Man, The

        Woman of No Importance, A   《无足轻重的女人》

Williams, Ben Ames   (1889-1953)

        All the Brothers Were Valiant

Williams, Charles    (1886-1945)

        All Hallows' Eve

        Descent into Hell

        Greater Trumps, The

        Many Dimensions

        Place of the Lion, The

        Shadows of Ecstasy

        War in Heaven

Williams, Henry Smith  (1863-1943)

        History of Science, A

                Volume 1      Volume 2      Volume 3      Volume 4      Volume 5

Williams, Valentine  (1883-1946)

        Man with the Clubfoot, The

        Okewood of the Secret Service

        Yellow Streak, The

Williamson, Charles Norris  (1859-1920) 

        Car of Destiny, The

        Chauffeur and the Chaperon, The

        Everyman's Land

        Golden Silence, The

        Guests Of Hercules, The

        Heather-Moon, The

        House by the Lock, The

        It Happened in Egypt

        Lady Betty Across the Water

        Lion's Mouse, The

        Motor Maid, The

        My Friend the Chauffeur

        Port of Adventure, The

        Powers and Maxine, The

        Princess Passes, The

        Rosemary   A Christmas Story

        Second Latchkey, The

        Secret History Revealed By Lady Peggy O'Malley

        Set in Silver

        Soldier of the Legion, A

        Winnie Childs   The Shop Girl

Wills, William John  (1834-1861)

        Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia

Wilson, Harriet E.  (1808-ca. 1870)

        Our Nig

Wilson, Harry Leon  (1867-1939)

        Boss of Little Arcady, The

        Bunker Bean

        Lions of the Lord, The   A Tale of the Old West

        Ma Pettengill

        Man from Home, The

        Merton of the Movies

        Ruggles of Red Gap

        Seeker, The

        Somewhere in Red Gap

        Spenders, The   A Tale of the Third Generation

        Wrong Twin, The

Wilson, John Mackay    (1804-1835)

        Seven Lights, The

Wilson, Woodrow  (1856-1924)

        In Our First Year of the War

        New Freedom, The

        On Being Human

        President Wilson's Addresses

        State of the Union Addresses of Woodrow Wilson

        When a Man Comes to Himself

        Why We are at War

Winslow, Helen M.   (1851-1938)

        Concerning Cats

Wister, Owen  (1860-1938)   奥温·威斯特

        How Doth the Simple Spelling Bee

        Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories, The

        Lady Baltimore   《巴尔的摩小姐》

        Lin Mclean   《林·麦克伦》

        Mother   《母亲》

        Padre Ignacio  or, The Song of Temptation

        Philosophy 4   A Story of Harvard University

        Straight Deal, A   or The Ancient Grudge   《纯粹交易》

        Virginian, The   A Horseman Of The Plains   《维吉尼亚人,大平原上的骑手》

Witton, George   (1874-1942)

        Scapegoats of the Empire

Wodehouse, P. G. [Pelham Grenville]  (1881-1975)

        Adventures of Sally, The

        Clicking of Cuthbert, The

        Coming of Bill, The

        Damsel in Distress, A

        Death At The Excelsior   and Other Stories

        Gem Collector, The

        Girl on the Boat, The

        Gold Bat, The

        Head of Kay's, The

        Indiscretions of Archie

        Intrusion of Jimmy, The

        Jill the Reckless

        Little Nugget, The

        Love Among the Chickens

        Man of Means, A

        Man Upstairs and Other Stories, The

        Man With Two Left Feet, The   And Other Stories


        Mike and Psmith

        My Man Jeeves

        Not George Washington   An Autobiographical Novel

        Piccadilly Jim

        Politeness of Princes, The   and Other School Stories

        Pothunters, The

        Prefect's Uncle, A

        Prince and Betty, The

        Psmith, Journalist

        Psmith in the City

        Right Ho, Jeeves

        Something New

        Swoop, The! or How Clarence Saved England

        Tales of St. Austin's

        Three Men and a Maid

        Uneasy Money

        White Feather, The

        William Tell Told Again

        Wodehouse Miscellany, A

Wolf, Emma  (1865-1932)

        Other Things Being Equal

Wolfe, Thomas  (1900-1938)

        Look Homeward, Angel    《天使,望故乡》

        Of Time and The River    《时间与河流》

        You Can't Go Home Again   《你不可能再回家》

Wollstonecraft, Mary  (1759-1797)   玛丽·沃斯通克拉夫特

        Letters on Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

        Maria   or,  The Wrongs of Woman   《玛丽亚, 或女人的受罪》

        Mary   A Fiction

        Posthumous Works

        Vindication of the Rights of Woman, A

Wood, Ellen   (Mrs Henry WOOD, 1814-1887)

        Collected Stories

Wood, Eugene  (1840-1923)

        Back Home

Wood, Henry, Mrs.  (1814-1887)

        Channings, The

        East Lynne

        Elster's Folly

        Verner's Pride

Wood, Robert Williams  (1868-1955)

        Man Who Rocked the Earth, The

Wood, William Charles Henry  (1864-1947)

        All Afloat   A Chronicle of Craft and Waterways

        Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador

        Captains of the Civil War    A Chronicle of the Blue and the Gray

        Elizabethan Sea Dogs

        Father of British Canada, The: A Chronicle of Carleton

        Flag and Fleet   How the British Navy Won the Freedom of the Seas

        Great Fortress, The   A Chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760

        Passing of New France, The   A Chronicle of Montcalm

        War With the United States, The   A Chronicle of 1812

        Winning of Canada, The

Woodrow, Wilson, Mrs.  (1870-1935)

        Black Pearl, The

        Silver Butterfly, The

Woodworth, Francis Channing  (1812-1859)

        Diving Bell, The   or, Pearls to be Sought for

        Stories about Animals

        Wreaths of Friendship   A Gift for the Young

Woolf, Virginia  (1882-1941)   弗吉尼亚·伍尔芙

        Between the Acts

        Common Reader, The        First Series        Second Series

        Jacob's Room  

        Monday or Tuesday  

        Mrs. Dalloway 

        Night and Day   《夜与昼》  

        Orlando: A Biography  

        Room of One's Own, A

        Short Stories  

        To the Lighthouse  

        Voyage Out, The   《出航》 

        Waves, The

        Years, The

Woolson, Constance Fenimore  (1840-1894)

        Castle Nowhere

        Old Stone House, The

Wordsworth, William  (1770-1850)

        Lyrical Ballads 1798

        Lyrical Ballads, With Other Poems, 1800      Volume01      Volume02

        Poems In Two Volumes        Volume One        Volume Two

        Prose Works of William Wordsworth, The

        Selections from Wordsworth and Tennyson

Worgan, George B.   (1757-1838)

        Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon

Wright, Dudley   (1868-1949)

        Epworth Phenomena, The

Wright, Harold Bell  (1872-1944)

        Calling Of Dan Matthews, The

        Eyes of the World, The

        Helen of the Old House

        Re-Creation of Brian Kent, The

        Shepherd of the Hills, The

        That Printer of Udell's

        Their Yesterdays

        When A Man's A Man

        Winning of Barbara Worth, The

Wrong, George McKinnon  (1860-1948)

        Conquest of New France, The

        Washington and His Comrades in Arms

Wu, TingFang  (1842-1922)   伍廷芳

        America,Through the Spectacles of an Oriental Diplomat  《美国视察记》

Wundt, Wilhelm Max  (1832-1920)

        Outlines of Psychology 








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