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Vachell, Horace Annesley (1861-1955)

        Bunch Grass, A Chronicle of Life on a Cattle Ranch

Van Dyke, Henry (1852-1933)

        Americanism of Washington, The

        Blue Flower, The

        Broken Soldier and the Maid of France, The

        First Christmas Tree, The

        Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things 

        House of Rimmon, The

        Joy & Power 

        Little Rivers

        Lost Word, The

        Music and Other Poems 

        Poems of Henry Van Dyke, The

        Red Flower, The

        Ruling Passion, The

        Sad Shepherd, The

        Songs out of Doors

        Spirit of Christmas, The

        Story of the Other Wise Man, The

        Valley of Vision, The

        What Peace Means 

        White Bees, The

Van Loon, Hendrik Willem (1882-1944)  亨德里克 · 房龙

        Ancient Man

        Story of Mankind, The   《人类的故事》

Van Lorne, Warner

        Wanted-7 Fearless Engineers

Vance, Louis Joseph  (1879-1933)

        Alias the Lone Wolf

        Black Bag, The

        Brass Bowl, The

        Bronze Bell, The

        Day of Days, The

        False Faces, The

        Fortune Hunter, The

        Lone Wolf, The

        Red Masquerade

Vanderlint, Jacob  (    -1740 )   雅各布·范德林特

        Money Answers All Things   《货币万能》


        Anthology of Massachusetts Poets

        Brazilian Tales

        Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684

        Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories

        Classic Mystery and Detective Stories - Old Time English

        Federalist Papers, The

        Georgian Poetry 1918-19

        Georgian Poetry 1920-22

        Junior Classics, The

        Magic and Real Detectives

        Most Interesting Stories of All Nations, The   (Edited by Julian Hawthorne)

        Poems Every Child Should Know

        Selection of Australian Poetry and Prose, A


        Stories by English Authors:

                Africa   (Selected by Scribners)

                France  (Selected by Scribners)

                Germany   (Selected by Scribners)

                Italy   (Selected by Scribners)

                London   (Selected by Scribners)

                Orient   (Selected by Scribners)

                Scotland   (Selected by Scribners)

        Stories by Modern American Authors   (Selected by Scribners)

        Stories by Modern English Authors   (Selected by Scribners)

        Stories of Modern French Novels   (Selected by Scribners)

        Twilight Stories

Veblen, Thorstein B.  (1857-1929)   索尔斯坦 ·  B  · 凡勃伦

        Higher Learning in America, The   《美国的高级学术研究》

        Theory of Business Enterprise   《企业论》

        Theory of Leisure Class, The   《有闲阶级论》  

        Vested Interests and the Common Man, The   《既得利益与普通人》

Venables, Edmund  (1819-1895)

        Life of John Bunyan, The

Verne, Jules  (1828-1905)   儒勒·凡尔纳

        Adventures of a Special Correspondent, The

        Antarctic Mystery, An

        Around the World in 80 Days   《80天环游地球》

        Blockade Runners, The

        Dick Sands the Boy Captain

        Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon 

        Express of the Future, An

        Facing the Flag

        Field of Ice, The   Part II of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras

        Five Weeks in a Balloon   《气球上的五星期》  

        From the Earth to the Moon   《从地球到月球》  

        Fur Country, The 

        In Search of the Castaways, or,  The Children of Captain Grant 


        Journey to the Centre of the Earth, A   《地心游记》

        Journey to the Interior of the Earth, A

        Master of the World, The

        Michael Strogoff   

        Mysterious Island, The   《神秘岛》  

        Off on a Comet   《搭乘彗星旅行》   

        Robur the Conqueror  

        Round the Moon   《环绕月球》 

        Survivors of the Chancellor, The

        Ticket No. "9672" 

        Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea   《海底两万里》  

        Underground City, The   《地下城》  

Vidal, Mary Theresa   (1815-1873)


        Convict Laundress, The

        Tales for the Bush

Vinogradoff, Paul  (1854-1925)   保尔·维诺格拉多夫

        Villeinage in England   《英国的农奴制》

Virgil (70-19BC)   维吉尔

        Aeneid, The   《埃涅阿斯记》  

        Eclogues, The

        Georgics, The   《农事诗》

Vivian, E. Charles   (1871-1954)

        Grey Shapes

Voltaire  (1694-1778)   伏尔泰

        Candide        《老实人》

        Letters on England (Lettres Philosophiques) 《哲学通信》 

        Philosophical Dictionary, The



Von Harbou, Thea   (1888-1954)









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