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Tarkington, Booth

Magnificent Ambersons, The

Thompson, Ruth Plumly

Royal Book of Oz, The

Thomson, J. Arthur

Outline of Science, The

Thoreau, Henry David    梭罗

Walden    《瓦尔登湖》

Thorne, Mabel

Sheridan Road Mystery, The

Tolstoy, Leo      列夫·托尔斯泰

       Bethink Yourselves

What Men Live By and Other Tales

Turner, Ethel

Seven Little Australians

Twain, Mark     马克·吐温

30,000 Dollar Bequest and Other Stories, The    《三万元遗产》

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The    《哈克贝利·费恩历险记》

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The    《汤姆·索耶历险记》

Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories

American Claimant, The

Burlesque Autobiography and First Romance

Chapters from My Autobiography     《我的自传节选》

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, A


Double Barreled Detective Story, A

Essays on Paul Bourget

Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven

Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences 《费尼莫尔·库柏文学犯忌种种》

Following the Equator      《赤道旅行记》

Gilded Age, The    《镀金时代》

Goldsmith's Friend Abroad Again

Horse's Tale, A    《马的故事》

In Defense of Harriet Shelley

Innocents Abroad, The    《傻子出国记》

Life on the Mississippi    《在密西西比河上》

Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories, The


Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories, The

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc    《贞德传》

Prince and the Pauper, The    《王子与贫儿》

Roughing It      《艰苦岁月》

Sketches New and Old

Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion

Stolen White Elephant, The

Those Extraordinary Twins

Tom Sawyer Abroad    《汤姆·索耶在国外》

Tom Sawyer, Detective    《汤姆·索耶探案》

Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson, The    《傻瓜威尔逊的悲剧》

Tramp Abroad, A    《国外浪游》

What Is Man and Other Essays    《人是什么东西》







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