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Naidu, Sarojini  (1879-1949)   奈都

        Golden Threshold, The   《金色的门槛》

Nasmyth, James (1808-1890)

        Engineer, An Autobiography

Nation, Carrie Amelia  (1846-1911)

        Use and Need of the Life of Carrie A. Nation, The

Natsume, Soseki  (1867-1916)

        Botchan (Master Darling)

Naunton, Robert, Sir  (1563-1635)

        Travels in England AND Fragmenta Regalia

Nesbit, Edith  (1858-1924)   E · 内斯比特 

        All Round the Year

        Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare   《莎士比亚剧中的美丽故事》

        Book of Dragons, The

        Dragon Tamers, The

        Enchanted Castle, The

        Ebony Frame, The

        Five Children and It   《五个孩子和沙精》

        Incomplete Amorist, The

        In Homespun

        In The Dark

        John Charrington's Wedding

        Magic City, The

        Magic World, The

        Man Size In Marble

        Many Voices

        My School Days

        Mystery of the Semi-Detached, The

        New Treasure Seekers   or, The Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune

        Phoenix and the Carpet, The   《凤凰与地毯》

        Power of Darkness, The

        Railway Children, The

        Rainbow and the Rose, The

        Story of the Amulet, The   《护身符的故事》

        Story of the Treasure Seekers, The   《寻宝人的故事》

        Wet Magic

        Wouldbegoods, The   《向善者》

Newberry, Fannie E.   (1848-1942)

        All Aboard   A Story for Girls

        Joyce's Investments   A Story for Girls

        Sara, a Princess

Newbolt, Henry John, Sir  (1862-1938)

        Collected Poems 1897-1907

        Poems: Old and New

Nichol, John   (1833-1894)

        Thomas Carlyle--Biography

Nicholson, Evelyn Louise   (1867?-1927)

        Diary of a Trip to Australia 1897

Nicholson, Meredith (1866-1947)

        Blacksheep! Blacksheep!

        Hoosier Chronicle, A

        House of a Thousand Candles, The

        Lady Larkspur

        Madness of May, The

        Port of Missing Men, The

        Reversible Santa Claus, A

Nicolay, John George   (1832-1901)

        Short Life of Abraham Lincoln, A

Niemann, August  (1839-1919)

        Coming Conquest of England, The

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm  (1844-1900)   尼采

        Antichrist, The

        Beyond Good and Evil

        Homer and Classical Philology

        Thoughts out of Season        Part One

        Thus Spake Zarathustra   《查拉斯图拉如是说》 

Nightingale, Florence   (1820–1910)

        Notes on Nursing

Niles, Henry Thayer   (1825-1901)

        Dawn and the Day, The

Nisbet, Hume   (1849-1923)

        Demon Spell, The

        Land of the Hibiscus Blossom, The

        Swampers, The

        Vampire Maid, The 

Niven, Frederick   (1878-1944)

        Flying Years, The

Nordau, Max Simon  (1849-1923)

        How Women Love   (Soul Analysis)

        Malady of the Century

Nordhoff, Charles    (1887-1947) and Hall, James Norman   (1887-1951)

        The Bounty Trilogy

                Mutiny on the Bounty   (1932)

                Men Against the Sea    (1933)

                Pitcairn's Island    (1934)

Norris, Frank  (1870-1902)   弗兰克·诺里斯

        Blix   《布里克斯》

        Deal in Wheat, A    《小麦交易》   And Other Stories of the New and Old West

        Man's Woman, A     《一个男人的女人》

        McTeague   《麦克提格》

        Moran of the Lady Letty   《“莱蒂夫人号”上的莫兰》

        Octopus, The   A Story of California    《章鱼, 一个加利福尼亚的故事》 

        Pit, The   A Story of Chicago    《深渊,一个芝加哥的故事》

        Vandover and the Brute      《凡陀弗与兽性》

Northcote, Amyas   (1864-1923)

        Collected Stories

Norton, Andre

        Plague Ship

        Storm Over Warlock

        Voodoo Planet

Norton, Caroline  (1808-1877)

        English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century

        Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranford's Marriage and Divorce Bill, A

Nowlan, Philip Frances   (1888-1940)

        Airlords of Han, The

        Armageddon 2419 AD

        Prince of Mars Returns, The

Noyes, Alfred  (1880-1958)

        New Morning, The   Poems

        Rada   A Drama of War in One Act

        Watchers of the Sky

Nye, Bill  (1850-1896)

        Comic History of England

        Comic History of the United States









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