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La Fontaine, Jean de  (1621-1695)     拉封丹

        Fables in Rhyme for Little Folks   From the French of La Fontaine

        Fables of La Fontaine, The   A New Edition, With Notes

        Hundred Fables of La Fontaine, A

        Original Fables of La Fontaine, The

        Tales and Novels, The

La Mettrie, Julien Offray de  (1709-1751)

        Man a Machine

La Motte-Fouque, Fredrich de  (1777-1843)

        Aslauga's Knight

        Sintram and His Companions

        Two Captains, The


Labriola, Antonio  (1843-1904)

        Essays on the Materialist Conception of History

Lafayette,  Madame de   (1634-1693)   拉.费耶特夫人

        Princess de Montpensier, The

        Princess of Cleves, The   《克莱弗公主》

Lagerlöf, Selma  (1858-1940)

        Emperor of Portugalia, The

        Invisible Links


        Treasure, The

        Wonderful Adventures of Nils, The

Lamb, Charles  (1775-1834)    查尔斯·兰姆

        Adventures of Ulysses, The

        Best Letters of Charles Lamb, The

        Tales from Shakespeare   《莎士比亚戏剧故事》

Lamothe-Langon, Etienne Leon, baron de  (1786-1864)

        Memoirs of the Comtesse du Barry

Lampman, Archibald  (1861-1899)


        Among the Millet and Other Poems

        Lyrics of Earth

Lamprey, L.  (1869-1951)

        Days of the Discoverers

        Masters of the Guild

Landor, Arnold Henry Savage  (1865-1924)

        Across Coveted Lands

        Across Unknown South America

        Corea or Cho-sen

Landor, Walter Savage  (1775-1864)

        Citation and Examination of William Shakspeare

        Count Julian


        Imaginary Conversations and Poems   A Selection

Lang, Andrew  (1844-1912)   安德鲁·朗格

        Adventures Among Books

        Alfred Tennyson

        Angling Sketches

        Arabian Nights Entertainments, The

        Aucassin and Nicolete   《奥卡辛与尼克莱》

        Ballads in Blue China and Verses and Translations

        Ballads Lyrics and Poems of Old France   《法国古代民歌和民谣》

        Ban and Arriere Ban

        Book of Dreams and Ghosts, The

        Books and Bookmen

        Clyde Mystery, The   A Study in Forgeries and Folklore

        Cock Lane and Common-Sense

        Collection of Ballads, A   《民谣集》

        Custom and Myth

        Disentanglers, The

        Essays in Little

        Fairy Books, The:

                Blue Fairy Book, The   《蓝皮童话书》 

                Brown Fairy Book, The

                Crimson Fairy Book, The

                Green Fairy Book, The

                Grey Fairy Book, The

                Lilac Fairy Book, The

                Orange Fairy Book, The

                Pink Fairy Book, The

                Red Fairy Book, The   《红皮童话书》

                Violet Fairy Book, The   《紫皮童话书》

                Yellow Fairy Book, The   《黄皮童话书》

        Gold Of Fairnilee, The

        Grass of Parnassus   《帕纳塞斯山的草》


        Helen of Troy

        Historical Mysteries

        How to Fail in Literature 

        Iliad of Homer, The   (as Translator)

        In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories

        Introduction to The Compleat Angler

        John Knox and the Reformation

        Letters on Literature   《论文学的信》

        Letters to Dead Authors   《致已故作者的信》

        Library, The

        Lost Leaders

        Making of Religion, The

        Mark Of Cain, The

        Modern Mythology

        Monk of Fife, A

        Much Darker Days

        Myth, Ritual, and Religion        Volume One

        New Collected Rhymes

        Odyssey by Homer, The   (as Translator)

        Old Friends, Epistolary Parody


        Pickle the Spy   or The Incognito of Prince Charles

        Prince Prigio   From "His Own Fairy Book"

        Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot, The

        R. F. Murray : His Poems with a Memoir   《R·F·默里的诗及略传》

        Rhymes a la Mode

        Shakespeare, Bacon and the Great Unknown

        Short History of Scotland, A

        Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy

        Tales of Troy

        'That Very Mab'

        Valet's Tragedy and Other Stories, The

        World's Desire, The

Lang, John  (1816-1864)

        Botany Bay, True Tales of Early Australia

Lanier, Sidney  (1842-1881)   西德尼·拉尼尔

        Poems of Sidney Lanier, The

        Select Poems of Sidney Lanier   《西德尼·拉尼尔诗集》

Larcom, Lucy  (1824-1893)

        New England Girlhood, A

Lardner, Ring   (1885-1933)

        Bib Ballads

        You Know Me Al

Lathom, Francis  (1777-1832)

        Water Spectre, The

Lathrop, George Parsons  (1851-1898)

        Dreams and Days: Poems

        Rose and Roof-Tree   Poems

        Study Of Hawthorne, A

Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne  (1851-1926)

        Along the Shore

        Memories of Hawthorne

Lauder, Harry, Sir  (1870-1950)

        Between You and Me

        Minstrel In France, A

Laughlin, Clara E.   (1873-1941)

        Everybody's Lonesome

Laut, Agnes Christina  (1871-1936)

        Canada: the Empire of the North

        Canadian Commonwealth, The

        Freebooters of the Wilderness, The

        Heralds of Empire

        Lords of the North

        Pathfinders of the West

        Vikings of the Pacific

Laveleye, Emile  (1822-1892)

        Primitive Property

Law, John  (1671-1729)

        Money and Trade Considered

Lawrence, D. H.  (David Herbert)  (1855-1930)   D · H · 劳伦斯

        Aaron's Rod      《笛手阿伦》

        Amores   Poems

        Bay   A Book of Poems

        Collected Short Stories

        Collier's Friday Night, A

        Daughter-in-law, The


        England, My England

        Fantasia of the Unconscious

        Fight for Barbara, The

        Fox, The

        Kangaroo      《袋鼠》

        Lady Chatterlay's Lover   《查泰莱夫人的情人》 

        Ladybird, The

        Look! We Have Come Through!

        Lost Girl, The      《迷途少女》

        Man Who Died, The

        Married Man, The

        Merry-go-round, The

        New Poems

        Plumed Serpent, The      《羽蛇》

        Prussian Officer and other Stories, The

        Rainbow, The      《虹》


        Sons and Lovers   《儿子与情人》

        St. Mawr

        Studies in Classic American Literature


        Touch and Go

        Trespasser, The

        Twilight in Italy

        Virgin and the Gipsy, The

        White Peacock, The      《白孔雀》

        Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, The

        Wintry Peacock

        Women in Love   《恋爱中的女人》 

        Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories, The

Lawrence, George Alfred  (1827-1876)

        Border and Bastille

        Guy Livingstone;   or, 'Thorough'

        Sword and Gown   A Novel

Lawrence, Gertrude  (1898-1952)

        Star Danced, A

Lawrence, T. E.  (1888-1935)

        Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Lawson, Henry  (1867-1922)   亨利·劳森

        Children of the Bush  《丛林孩子》

        For Australia  《为了澳大利亚》

        In the Days When the World Was Wide   《在海阔天空的日子里》

        Joe Wilson and His Mates   《乔·威尔逊和他的伙伴》

        My Army, O, My Army! and Other Songs 《我的军队,啊,我的军队!》

        On the Track   《在路上》

        Over the Sliprails   《越过活动栏杆》

        Rising of the Court and Other Sketches in Prose and Verse, The

        Romance of the Swag, The

        Send Round the Hat

        Short Stories in Prose and Verse

        Skyline Riders and Other Verses  《地平线上的骑手》

        Triangles of Life and Other Stories

        Verses Popular and Humorous  《通俗诗和幽默诗》

        When I was King and Other Verses  《当我称王的时候》

        While the Billy Boils    《洋铁罐沸腾的时候

Lazell, Frederick John  (1870-1940)

        Some Spring Days in Iowa

        Some Summer Days in Iowa

        Some Winter Days in Iowa

Le Bon, Gustave  (1841-1931)

        Crowd, The    Study of Popular Mind

        Psychology of Revolution, The

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan  (1814-1873)


        Evil Guest, The

        Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle

        House by the Church-Yard, The

        J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales

                Volume01    Volume02    Volume03    Volume04    Volume05

        Madam Crowl's Ghost and The Dead Sexton

        Purcell Papers, The         Volume01        Volume02        Volume03

        Room in the Dragon Volant, The

        Two Ghostly Mysteries

        Uncle Silas   A Tale of Bartram-Haugh

        Wylder's Hand

Le Gallienne, Richard  (1866-1947)

        Book-Bills of Narcissus, The  

        English Poems

        Jongleur Strayed, A   Verses on Love and Other Matters Sacred and Profane

        Lonely Dancer and Other Poems, The

        October Vagabonds

        Pieces of Eight

        Prose Fancies

        Prose Fancies (Second Series)

        Quest of the Golden Girl, The

        Robert Louis Stevenson, an Elegy; And Other Poems

        Romance of Zion Chapel, The

        Silk-Hat Soldier, The   And Other Poems in War Time

        Vanishing Roads and Other Essays

        Worshipper of the Image, The

        Young Lives

Le Queux, William  (1864-1927)

        Czar's Spy, The   The Mystery of a Silent Love

        Doctor of Pimlico, The   Being the Disclosure of a Great Crime

        Four Faces, The   A Mystery

        Great White Queen, The   A Tale of Treasure and Treason

        House of Whispers, The

        Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo

        Minister of Evil, The   The Secret History of Rasputin's Betrayal of Russia

Leacock, Stephen (1869-1944)

        Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich

        Behind the Beyond   and Other Contributions to Human Knowledge

        Dawn of Canadian History, The

        Frenzied Fiction

        Further Foolishness

        Hohenzollerns in America, The

        Literary Lapses

        Man in Asbestos, The    An Allegory of the Future

        Mariner of St. Malo, The

        Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy

        My Discovery of England

        My Remarkable Uncle and Other Sketches

        Nonsense Novels

        Pursuit of Knowledge, The

        Short Circuits

        Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

        Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, The

        Winnowed Wisdom

        Winsome Winnie and other New Nonsense Novels

Leahy, Arthur Herbert  (1857-1928)

        Heroic Romances of Ireland

Leakey, Caroline  (1827-1881)

        Broad Arrow

Lear, Edward  (1812-1888)   爱德华·利尔

        Book of Nonsense, The   《荒谬书》

LeBlanc, Maurice  (1864-1941)   莫里斯·勒布朗

        Arsene Lupin

        Blonde Lady, The

        Crystal Stopper, The   《水晶瓶塞 》

        Eight Strokes of the Clock, The

        Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar, The

        Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin, The

        Teeth of the Tiger, The

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole  (1838-1903)

        Historical and Political Essays

        Map of Life, The   Conduct and Character

Lee, Gerald Stanley  (1862-1944)

        Crowds   A Moving-Picture of Democracy

        Ghost in the White House, The

        Lost Art of Reading, The

        Voice of the Machines, The   An Introduction to the Twentieth Century

Lee, Robert Edward, General  (1807-1870)

        Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

Lee, Sidney, Sir  (1859-1926)

        Life of William Shakespeare, A

        Shakespeare and the Modern Stage   with Other Essays

Lee, Vernon  (1856-1935)


        Phantom Lover, A

Leinster, Murray

        Operation Terror

        Space Tug

        Talents, Incorporated

        This World Is Taboo

Leland, Charles Godfrey  (1824-1903)

        Algonquin Legends of New England, The

        Gypsies, The


        Mystic Will, The

Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519)

        Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, The

Lermontov, M. Y.  (1814-1841)   M·Y·莱蒙托夫

        Hero of Our Time, A      《当代英雄》  

Leroux, Gaston  (1868-1927)

        Mystery of the Yellow Room, The

        Phantom of the Opera, The

        Secret of the Night, The

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim (1729-1781)

        Minna von Barnhelm

L'Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingan  (1832-1915)

        History of English Humour        Volume01      Volume02

Level,Maurice  (1875-1926)

        Collected Stories

Lever, Charles James  (1806-1872)

        Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon      Volume01      Volume02

        Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, The

        Cornelius O'Dowd Upon Men And Women And Other Things In General

        Lord Kilgobbin

Leverson, Ada  (1862-1933)

        Love at Second Sight

        Love's Shadow


Lewis, Alfred Henry  (1857-1914)

        How The Raven Died

        Mormon Menace, The   The Confessions of John Doyle Lee, Danite

        President, The   A novel


        Wolfville Days

        Wolfville Nights

Lewis, Charlton Miner   (1866-1923)

        Gawayne and the Green Knight

Lewis, C. S.  (1898-1963)

        Spirits in Bondage

Lewis, Mattew  (1775-1818)   马修·路易斯

        Anaconda, The

        Bravo of Venice, The - A Romance

        Castle Spectre, The

        Mistrust, or Blanche and Osbright

        Monk, The   《僧侣》

Lewis, Sinclair  (1885-1951)

        Arrowsmith        《阿罗史密斯》

        Babbitt        《巴比特》

        Bethel Merriday        《贝斯尔·麦利蒂》

        Cass Timberlane      《卡斯·蒂姆伯莱恩》

        Dodsworth       《多兹沃斯》

        Elmer Gantry       《埃尔默·甘特利》

        Free Air      《自由的天空》

        Gideon Planish      《吉迪恩·普兰尼什》

        Innocents, The   A Story for Lovers      《幼稚的人》

        It Can't Happen Here      《这里不可能发生》

        Job, The   An American Novel      《工作》

        Kingsblood Royal      《王室血统》   (《深色的金斯布拉德》)

        Main Street        《大街》

        Our Mr. Wrenn   The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man      《我们的雷恩先生》

        Prodigal Parents, The

        Selected Short Stories

        Trail of the Hawk, The      《鹰之踪迹》

        Work of Art

        World So Wide      《世界如此宽广》

Lie, Jonas Lauritz Idemil  (1833-1908)

        One of Life's Slaves

        Pilot and His Wife, The

        Visionary, The   Pictures From Nordland

        Weird Tales from Northern Seas

Lightoller, Charles Herbert  (1874-1952)

        Titanic and Other Ships

Lighton, William R.   (1866-1923)

        Lewis and Clark: Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Lincoln, Abraham  (1809-1865)

        Writings of Abraham Lincoln, The

                Volume01    Volume02    Volume03    Volume04    Volume05

                Volume06    Volume07

Lincoln, Joseph Crosby  (1870-1944)

        Aristocratic Miss Brewster, The

        Cape Cod Ballads, and Other Verse

        Cape Cod Stories   The Old Home House

        Cap'n Dan's Daughter

        Cap'n Eri

        Cap'n Warren's Wards

        Cy Whittaker's Place

        Depot Master, The

        Fair Harbor

        Galusha the Magnificent

        Kent Knowles: Quahaug

        Keziah Coffin


        Portygee, The

        Queer Judson

        Rise of Roscoe Paine, The

        Rugged Water


        Silas Bradford's Boy

        Thankful's Inheritance

        Woman-Haters, The

Lincoln, Natalie Sumner  (1885-1935)

        I Spy

        Lost Despatch, The

        Red Seal, The

Linderman, Frank Bird  (1869-1938)

        Indian Why Stories

Lindsay, David  (1876-1945)

        Haunted Woman, The

        Voyage to Arcturus, A

Lindsay, Vachel   (1879-1931)   凡克尔·林赛

        Art Of The Moving Picture, The

        Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems, The

        Congo, The   and Other Poems     《刚果及其他诗篇》

        General William Booth Enters into Heaven,  and Other Poems


Lippard, George  (1822-1854)

        Night in Monk-Hall, A

Liszt, Franz  (1811-1886)

        Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt        Volume01      Volume02

        Letters of Franz Liszt        Volume01      Volume02

        Life of Chopin

Livingstone, David   (1813-1873)   戴维·利文斯通

        Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, The

                Volume One        Volume Two

        Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa 《在南部非洲的传教旅行》

        Popular Account, A

Lobo, Jeronimo  (1596-1678)

        Voyage to Abyssinia, A

Locke, John  (1632-1704)   约翰·洛克

        Concerning Civil Government

        Essay Concerning Human Understanding, An   《人类理解论》 

        Further Considerations

        Letter Concerning Toleration, A

        Of the Conduct of the Understanding

        Second Treatise of Government

        Some Considerations of the Lowering of Interest

        Two Treatises of Civil Government

Locke, William John  (1863-1930)

        Christmas Mystery, A   The Story of Three Wise Men

        Fortunate Youth, The


        Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol, The

        Morals of Marcus Ordeyne, The

        Mountebank, The

        Red Planet, The


        Simon the Jester


Lockhart, Caroline  (1870-1962)

        Dude Wrangler, The

        Fighting Shepherdess, The

        Lady Doc, The

        Man from the Bitter Roots, The

Lockhart, John Gibson  (1794-1854)

        History of Napoleon Buonaparte, The

Lodge, Henry Cabot  (1850-1924)

        Daniel Webster

        George Washington        Volume I        Volume II

        Hero Tales From American History

Lofting, Hugh   (1886-1947)   休·罗夫丁

        Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary

        Doctor Dolittle in the Moon

        Doctor Dolittle's Circus

        Doctor Dolittle's Garden

        Doctor Dolittle's Return

        Story of Doctor Dolittle, The   《多立德医生的冒险故事》

        Voyages of Dr. Dolittle

Logan, John Alexander  (1826-1886)

        Great Conspiracy, The

London , Jack (1876-1916)   杰克·伦敦

        Acorn-Planter, The   A California Forest Play

        Adventure   《冒险》

        Before Adam   《在亚当之前》

        Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories

        Burning Daylight   《天大亮》

        Call of the Wild, The   《荒野的呼唤》 

        Children of the Frost

        Cruise of the Dazzler, The

        Cruise of the Snark, The

        Daughter of the Snows, A    《雪的女儿》

        Dutch Courage and Other Stories

        Faith of Men, The   《人的信义》

        Game, The   《竞赛》

        House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii, The    《骄傲之家及其他夏威夷故事》

        Human Drift, The  - A Collection of Stories

        Iron Heel, The   《铁蹄》

        Jacket, The  (Star-Rover)   《星游人》

        Jerry of the Islands   《岛上的吉雷》

        John Barleycorn   《约翰·巴雷孔》

        Little Lady of the Big House, The

        Lost Face, and Others

        Love of Life and Other Stories   《热爱生命及其他故事》

        Martin Eden   《马丁·伊登》

        Michael, Brother of Jerry

        Moon-Face and Other Stories   《月面及其他故事》

        Mutiny of the Elsinore, The

        Night-Born, The   《夜生者》

        On the Makaloa Mat

        People of the Abyss, The   《深渊中的人们》

        Red One and Others, The

        Revolution and Other Essays    《革命》

        Road, The

        Scarlet Plague, The

        Sea-Wolf, The     《海狼》 

        Smoke Bellew   《乌烟贝流故事集》

        Son Of The Sun, A

        Son of the Wolf, The   and Others   《狼的儿子及其他故事》

        South Sea Tales   《南海故事集》

        Stories of Ships and the Sea

        Strength of the Strong and Other Stories, The   《强者的力量及其他故事》

        Tales of the Fish Patrol   《渔巡故事集》

        Tales of the Klondyke, and Others

        Theft   A Play In Four Acts

        Thousand Deaths, A

        Turtles of Tasman, The

        Valley of the Moon, The   《月谷》

        War of the Classes   《阶级战争》

        When God Laughs and Other Stories     《上帝笑的时候及其他故事》

        White Fang, The   《白牙》  

Long, William Joseph  (1866-1952)

        English Literature   Its History and Its Significance

        Outlines of English and American Literature

        Secret of the Woods

        Ways of Wood Folk

        Wilderness Ways

        Wood Folk at School

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth  (1807-1882)

        Children's Own Longfellow, The

        Complete Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The

        Evangeline with Notes and Plan of Study

        Golden Legend, The

        Hyperion    《海波林》

        Song of Hiawatha, The    《海华沙之歌》

        Tales of a Wayside Inn    《路边客店的故事》

Lord, John  (1810-1894)

        Beacon Lights of History

                Volume01      Volume02      Volume03      Volume04      Volume05

                Volume06      Volume07      Volume08      Volume09      Volume10

                Volume11      Volume12      Volume13      Volume14

        Modern History, A   From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon

        Old Roman World, The

Lorimer, George Horace  (1868-1937)

        False Gods, The

        Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son

        Old Gorgon Graham   More Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son

Loti, Pierre  (1850-1923)

        Egypt (La Mort De Philae)

        Iceland Fisherman, An

        Madame Chrysantheme


        Story of a Child, The

Love, Nat   (1854-1921)

        Life and Adventures of Nat Love, The

Lovecraft, H. P.  (1890-1937)

        Collected Stories

        Supernatural Horror in Literature

Lovelace, Richard  (1618-1657)   理查德·洛夫莱斯

        Lucasta Poems, The   《卢卡斯塔》

Lover, Samuel  (1797-1868)

        Handy Andy, A Tale of Irish Life        Volume One      Volume Two

Lowell, Amy  (1874-1925)   阿米·洛威尔

        Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, A    《多彩玻璃的大厦》

        Men, Women and Ghosts

        Sword Blades and Poppy Seed   《剑刃与罂粟籽》

Lowell, Edward Jackson  (1845-1894)

        Eve of the French Revolution, The

Lowell, James Russell  (1819-1891)   詹姆斯·拉塞尔·罗威尔

        Abraham Lincoln   《亚伯拉罕·林肯》

        Among My Books    《读书》        First Series        Second Series

        Biglow Papers, The    《比格罗诗稿》

        Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell, The


        Function Of The Poet And Other Essays, The

        My Garden Acquaintance

        Vision of Sir Launfal, The      《郎佛尔爵士的幻觉》

Lower, Lennie  (1903-1947)

        Bachelors' Guide to the Care of the Young and Other Stories, The

        Here's Another

        Here's Luck

Lowndes, Marie Adelaide Belloc  (1868-1947)

        Chink in the Armour, The

        End of Her Honeymoon, The

        From Out the Vasty Deep

        Good Old Anna

        Lodger, The

        Uttermost Farthing, The

        What Timmy Did

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus  ( 39-65 )   卢坎

        Pharsalia  [Civil War]   《内战记》

Lucas, Edward Verrall  (1868-1938)

        Boswell of Baghdad, A   With Diversions

        Roving East and Roving West

        Slowcoach, The

        Wanderer in Florence, A

        Wanderer in Holland, A

        Wanderer in Venice, A

        War of the Wenuses, The

Lucian of Samosata   (120-180)

        Trips to the Moon

Lucretius  (ca. 95-55 BC)   卢克莱修

        On the Nature of Things   《物性论》 

Lucy, Henry William   (1845-1924)

        Faces and Places

Luther, Martin  (1483-1546)   马丁·路德

        Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians   《评加拉提亚人》

        Concerning Christian Liberty

        Hymns of Martin Luther, The

        Large Catechism

        Martin Luther's 95 Theses    《马丁·路德的95条论纲》

        Open Letter on Translating, An   《谈翻译的一封公开信》

        Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther

        Smalcald Articles, The

        Small Catechism

        Treatise on Good Works, A

Lyall, Edna  (1857-1903)

        Autobiography of a Slander, The

        Derrick Vaughan - Novelist

        We Two

Lyell, Charles, Sir  (1797-1875)

        Antiquity of Man, The

        Student's Elements of Geology, The

Lynd, Robert  (1879-1949)

        Art of Letters, The

        Old and New Masters

        Pleasures of Ignorance, The

Lynde, Francis  (1856-1930)


        Empire Builders

        Fool For Love, A

        Grafters, The

        Honorable Senator Sage-Brush, The

        Master of Appleby, The

        Price, The

        Quickening, The

        Taming of Red Butte Western, The

Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron   (1803-1873)

        Alice, or The Mysteries

        Athens: Its Rise and Fall

        Calderon The Courtier, A Tale

        Caxtons, The

        Coming Race, The


        Disowned, The

        Ernest Maltravers

        Eugene Aram


        Fallen Star, The


        Harold   The Last Of The Saxon Kings

        Haunted and the Haunters

        Kenelm Chillingly

        Lady of Lyons, The   or Love and Pride

        Last Days of Pompeii, The

        Last Of The Barons, The

        Leila   The Siege of Granada


        My Novel

        Night and Morning

        Parisians, The

        Paul Clifford

        Pausanias, the Spartan


        Pilgrims Of The Rhine, The

        Rienzi   The Last of the Roman Tribunes

        Strange Story, A


        What Will He Do With It


        Zicci   A Tale

Lytton Strachey, Giles   (1880-1932)

        Queen Victoria








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