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Ibsen, Henrik (1828-1906)     易卜生

        Doll's House, A

        Early Plays

        Enemy of the People, An

        Feast at Solhoug, The

        Ghosts    《群鬼》

        Hedda Gabler

        John Gabriel Borkman

        Lady from the Sea, The

        Lady Inger of Ostrat

        Little Eyolf

        Love's Comedy

        Master Builder, The

        Pillars of Society


        Vikings of Helgeland, The

        When We Dead Awaken

Illica, Luigi  (1857-1919)

        La Boheme

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Léon, baron  (1834-1900)

        Court of the Empress Josephine, The

        Duchess Of Berry/Charles X, The

        Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise, The

Inchbald, Mrs.  (1753-1821)

        Lover's Vows

        Nature and Art

        Simple Story, A

Ingleby, Clement Mansfield  (1823-1886)

        Shakespeare's Bones

Ingelow, Jean   (1820-1897)

        Fated to Be Free

        Poems by Jean Ingelow, In Two Volumes        Volume One        Volume Two

        Wonder-Box Tales

Inglis, James  (1845-1908)

        Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier

Ingram, Eleanor M.   (1886-1921)

        Thing from the Lake, The

Ingram, John Kells (1823-1907)

        History of Political Economy, A

Inman, Henry  (1837-1899)

        Great Salt Lake Trail, The

        Old Santa Fe Trail, The   The Story of a Great Highway

Innes, A. Taylor   (1833-1912)

        John Knox

Ireland, Alleyne   (1871–1951)

        Adventure With A Genius, An

Irvine, Alexander  (1863-1941)

        From the Bottom Up   The Life Story of Alexander Irvine

Irving, Henry Brodribb  (1870-1919)

        Book of Remarkable Criminals, A

        Drama, The

Irving, Washington (1783-1859)    华盛顿 ·欧文

        Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey

        Adventures of Captain Bonneville, The   《波内维尔船长历险记》

        Alhambra, The   《爱尔汗布拉》


        Bracebridge Hall    《布雷斯布里奇田庄》

        Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada       《格兰纳达征服史事》

        Crayon Papers, The

        Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete   《纽约史》

        Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The   《睡谷的传说》

        Old Christmas

        Oliver Goldsmith, A Biography     《奥利佛·哥德斯密传》

        Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., The    《札记集》

        Tales of a Traveller    《旅行者的故事》

        Tour on the Prairies, A

        Wolfert's Roost and Miscellanies

Irwin, Richard Biddle  (1839-1892)

        History of the Nineteenth Army Corps

Irwin, Wallace  (1876-1959)

        Love Sonnets of a Car Conductor, The

        Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum, The

Irwin, Will  (1873-1948)

        City That Was, The

        House of Mystery, The

        Stanford Stories   Tales of a Young University

Isham, Frederic S.   (1865–1922)

        Half A Chance

Isham, Frederic Stewart   (1866-1922)

        Man and His Money, A

        Under the Rose

Ives, Charles  (1874-1954)

        Essays Before a Sonata








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