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Bangs, John Kendrick

Alice in Blunderland

Barclay, Florence Louisa

        Upas Tree, The

Barr, Robert

Triumphs of Eugene Valmont, The

Baum, L. Frank       L·弗兰克·巴姆

American Fairy Tales

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Emerald City of Oz, The

Enchanted Island of Yew, The

Lost Princess of Oz, The      《奥兹国失踪的公主》

Mother Goose in Prose

Ozma of Oz

Road to Oz, The

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The      《绿野仙踪》

Bennett, Arnold

Human Machine, The

Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women

Bosher, Kate Langley

Mary Cary, Frequently Martha

Braddon, Mary Elizabeth

Lady Audley's Secret

Brand, Max

Seventh Man, The

Bronte, Charlotte      夏洛蒂·勃朗特

Jane Eyre     《简·爱》

Bronte, Emily      艾米莉·勃朗特

Wuthering Heights    《呼啸山庄》

Buchan, John      约翰·布坎

        Mr. Standfast      《斯坦德法斯特先生》

 Thirty-nine Steps, The     《三十九级台阶》

Burgess, Thornton W.

Adventures of Buster Bear, The

Adventures of Jimmy Skunk, The

Adventures of Johnny Chuck, The

Adventures of Paddy Beaver, The

Adventures of Reddy Fox, The

Burnett, Frances Hodgson      弗朗西斯·霍齐森·班内特

Little Lord Fauntleroy    《方特勒罗伊小爵爷》

Little Princess, A    《小公主》

Lost Prince, The    《失踪的王子》







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