The Emerald City of Oz

by L. Frank Baum












Author's Note

Perhaps I should admit on the title page that this book is "By L.
Frank Baum and his correspondents," for I have used many suggestions
conveyed to me in letters from children. Once on a time I really
imagined myself "an author of fairy tales," but now I am merely an
editor or private secretary for a host of youngsters whose ideas I am
requestsed to weave into the thread of my stories.

These ideas are often clever. They are also logical and interesting.
So I have used them whenever I could find an opportunity, and it is but
just that I acknowledge my indebtedness to my little friends.

My, what imaginations these children have developed! Sometimes I am
fairly astounded by their daring and genius. There will be no lack of
fairy-tale authors in the future, I am sure. My readers have told me
what to do with Dorothy, and Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, and I have obeyed
their mandates. They have also given me a variety of subjects to write
about in the future: enough, in fact, to keep me busy for some time. I
am very proud of this alliance. Children love these stories because
children have helped to create them. My readers know what they want
and realize that I try to please them. The result is very satisfactory
to the publishers, to me, and (I am quite sure) to the children.

I hope, my dears, it will be a long time before we are obliged to
dissolve partnership.


Coronado, 1910



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